Female Trumpet Players
Past & Present

A plethora of information abounds about males who play trumpet, but what about the females? This site is dedicated to all of the females who play trumpet. The first female trumpet player I discovered was Saskia Laroo and soon after Valaida Snow, nicknamed Queen of the Trumpet. After listening to her recordings, I was inspired to raise the profile of female trumpet players by putting together a collection of websites, and references to books, articles and recordings, hence my website TrumpetQueens. I prefer to use the term female as it encompasses the younger generation who may not have yet reached womanhood.

Some of these players are no longer alive, but the contributions they made were significant in times generally dominated by men. You will discover such players as Valaida Snow (USA) pictured below.

Whilst some of the musicans featured have become professional players and soloists, others are as equally gifted vocally and use the trumpet to highlight their music. The trumpet is such a beautiful and versatile instrument that the players represented cross all styles of music well beyond classical, jazz and band tunes. Styles represented here include funk, hip-hop, soul, latin jazz, Mariachi, Kentucky Derby and even heavy metal (see Erin Luther).

This site became a necessity for me as I couldn't find a collective place to discover such players, at least not as many as you will discover here. I play trumpet and flugal horn, mostly for my own enjoyment these days and I grew increasingly frustrated by the lack of information available on female trumpet players. Many books have been written about female musicians and women in music, and organisations such as The International Womens Brasss Conference (IWBC)and International Trumpet Guild ITG) are a great source of information and education. Unless you know where to look for such books and organisations or someone tells you it can be difficult to get started. I have spent years reading and conducting numerous searches.

TrumpetQueens has been in the making phase for over seven years and finally it is a reality and my dream come true. It is an educational website and for copyright reasons I have not included soundfiles and photo galleries at this stage. The majority of CD's you will find on the "Listening" page are recordings I have purchased and I encourage you to respect & support these musicians by purchasing their music too.

I hope you enjoy my collection. It has been an amazing journey of discovery and it would not be possible without the publications of Sherrie Tucker, D. Antoinette Handy, Kay Dreyfus, Sally Plaksin, Linda Dahl and the International Womens Brass Conference.


Valaida Snow
Queen of theTrumpet

Photo: www.aaregistry.com